Our Meals

If a good morning it see by the morning, the scent of our cakes will sweeten your day!

Every day our menu are cured in every detail always trying to satisfy the customer, basing our tradition on the Adriatic and Mediterranean cuisine, all to be savored.
The day starts with breakfast in the morning where we are offered hot drinks, fruit juices, soft croissants, homemade cakes, jams, honey and chocolate, yogurt with fruit flavors, cold cuts, cheese and eggs.
Our Meals
Then we proceed with the lunch and dinner, where on every meal is offered two types of menus:
a first and a second fish meal and a first and a second meat meal, accompanied by a rich buffet of fresh vegetables every day and all the trimmings.
After the meal will be served fresh fruit and desserts homemade surprise.

To finish, into the festive evenings are offered pepper mussels, spaghetti, hot donuts and bagels all accompanied by music and animation.
Our Meals